What to Do When the Car Sink in the Sand?

Almost every day we hear about someone who decided to test all his car’s systems and went on adventures directly to the beach on a stunt. However, the thought of demonstrating the abilities of driving skills & car power almost always leads to seeking help because the car gets stuck in the sand.

The reason for such a large number of rescue operations is the wrong assessment of abilities – both the driver and the car.

For example, full-fledged SUVs and many crossovers have systems that help to get out of a problematic situation while driving on difficult terrain.

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The preparation of the vehicle is particularly important. When driving on rough terrain, some cars go through the sand without a problem, while others skid. The most common reason is that the driver does not have the necessary training or didn’t prepare his car for such difficulties.

Some vehicles come standard with special tires designed to handle sandy conditions. These tires usually feature deeper grooves and larger tread blocks. They’re typically found on SUVs and trucks, giving you better traction in the sand.

However, boys will be boys, and stunts will always happen. Thus, what can help you if you get stuck in the sand before calling a tug?

A good method is to rock the car back and forth. In this case, engage the first or reverse gear and try to gently move the car from its place, releasing and squeezing the clutch and helping the accelerator pedal. When swinging, increase the effort so that the amplitude becomes greater.

If that doesn’t work you can try these things until help comes to you. You can sell used cars in Dubai easily if the car you want to sell is in good condition.

Tires Pressure

To easily overcome a stretch of sand, you should know that sharp maneuvers will not solve the problem. That applies to maneuvering with tires, brakes, and gas.

You should reduce the tire pressure to 1 bar (less is already dangerous). That will increase the contact area in the sand and thus reduce the chances of loading.

Gas Pedal

When you are stuck in the sand, it’s important to let go of the gas pedal. If you accelerate, you’ll just end up spinning your wheels. Instead, take your foot off the brake and step away from the steering wheel. That will allow you to see what’s happening around you and think about how you might extricate yourself from the mess.

Do not gas, as this can lead to a more serious dive.


Create traction mats or other materials that you can use to help your vehicle drive through sand. You can try to find items around or in your car that can be useful to create traction. For example, you could look for small rocks or pieces of wood.

Digging the Wheels

To create traction, you need to dig out the tires. Start by digging under each wheel. Use a stick or a long piece of wood to poke holes in the sand underneath each wheel.

Then, use a shovel to scoop out the sand. Keep scooping until you reach the metal rim of the tire. Once you’ve dug out the entire tire, you should be able to move your car again.

Dig behind the rear wheels, not the front, because it’s easier to get out in reverse (reverse gear is traction, and when you try to move forward, the load on the wheels decreases).

Wait for Help

Call the police department of traffic to help you tow your car. Or find someone who can help you pull your car out of the sand with tow cables.

Most importantly, you should always check the regulations to find out if it’s legal to drive on the beach.

Drive smart, enjoy the beach, and stay safe!

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