The Importance of Positioning When Playing Poker

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Pot Control

Acting last on every street postflop usually helps you control how big or small of a pot you end up playing. If you want to play a small pot and your opponent checks, you can check behind, and if your opponent bets, you can simply call and close the action.

If you want to play a bigger pot, you can bet or raise when the action is on you. When out of position, you can’t check and make sure your opponent will check and let you see the next card for free. You also can’t bet and ensure your opponent will fold or just call you (thus keeping the pot small).

More Bluffing Opportunities

Having position on your opponent is extremely valuable, often making up for a relatively weak hand. In other words, the strength of your actual hand may be weak, but by acting last, you have more leverage when trying to represent a stronger poker hand. Following the best poker tips out there means more opportunities to bluff when your out-of-position opponent shows weakness by checking you.

You raise from the button and are called by the big blind, the flop comes A-Club, K-Diamond, 6-Hearts, and your opponent checks. If you bet and your opponent doesn’t have an ace or king (or maybe a six), you will most likely get a fold, thus making the actual strength of your hand irrelevant. You could have A-Berlian, 10-Berlian, Q-Club, 6-Club, or 7-Berlian, 2-Club, it doesn’t matter if you use position in poker will make you win, not the cards.

Calculating Pot Odds

Let’s say you hold a four-way hand of K-Club, 10-Club, the flop comes when there is a Q-Berlian, J-Berlian, 5-Club hand, and you are second to act. There is 1,500 in the middle and the first player leads with a bet of 500. With an open-ended straight draw, you want to call and see the turn. If you are the last to act, you will know exactly what your straight pot odds are and can you try to win 2,000 and only have to call 500, so your pot odds are 4 to 1.

What is the Importance of Positioning When Playing Poker?

With players still acting behind you, you can’t make this calculation. You don’t know if the other two players will call as well (making your pot odds even better), or if one of the players might raise and force you to overpay to stay in (making your pot odds potentially much worse). However, if you’re in position and act last, you can know exactly your future pot odds.

Knowing Your Opponent’s Actions

This is the biggest advantage of having position poker situs togel (and honestly encompasses all of the aforementioned advantages) namely, being able to know how your opponents will play a particular post-flop hand before you have to make a decision on how to play it.

You know better knowing that although your opponents always try to cheat you (always be on the lookout for poker clues), a check usually means they are of little interest to the board while a bet shows interest. When playing from position, many strong players use the opponent’s actions as the main factor when deciding how to play each street.


The fact that the button moves every hand to ensure everyone at the table gets an equal chance to play from all available positions should tell you that position matters in poker. If it didn’t, then there would be no need to divide the wealth of positions evenly in this way. Playing from out of position sometimes has its advantages too. From out of position you can check-raise, and use that move as a strong postflop play. Also, sometimes acting first allows you to prevent other players from acting.

For example in multi-way pots where an early position bet or raise might force another player out of control. However the advantages of playing poker in position are much greater. Placement poker is the main reason why seating arrangements at the table can be so important. It is much better not to have a strong, difficult player to your left and be in your position for most hands than to have them to your right where you can put them in most of the time.

Position in poker is one of the most important factors affecting your chances of knowing how to win at Texas Hold’em more often. Playing with your opponent’s position will reduce your risk and increase your chances of getting rewarded. Help your own cause by playing more positions, and try not to help your opponents and play fewer of the wrong positions.

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